Eranga Basnayake





Colombo, Sri Lanka.






• Banking Domain Knowledge.

• Application deployment (C/Java/.Net)

• UNIX / Linux. (AIX / Red Hat Linux / Solaris)

• Windows Server, Mac OSx.


• Application Servers (Websphere / Jboss / Weblogic / IIS)

• Web servers (Apache / nginx)

• Database (Oracle / DB2 / Postgres / MySQL)

• SQL & Shell Scripting

• System Infrastructure Support

• Subversion client.



• System Administration

• DevOps

• System Analyst

Eranga Basnayake

Implementation Engineer


'Excuse me while I kiss the sky.'-Jimi Hendrix


Hi, My name is Eranga. I work as an Implementation Engineer. My passion is split between my love for awesome technologies & drive to help learn from each other. My main hobbies are Jamming guitar, Camping, Traveling with friends, Crossfit, play Soccer. My role models are Jimi Hendrix & Brazil Ronaldo. Made this site using Adobe Muse, PHP, HTML & running on my EC2 AWS server. I'll update this regularly & you can track what I'm doing. Smile, Almost always :)

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